Pre-Professional Division ballet classes are appropriate for series students with a significant ballet training background.  A placement class is required for enrollment in all Pre-Professional Division classes. 

Summer classes run June 3 - August 28, 2021. Fall classes and our new year will begin in September 2021.
Fall Placement Class, Saturday, August 14, 2021 3:00-4:30pm

Class Descriptions

Level D Required five classes/wk & E Required seven classes/wk : These levels focus on the serious ballet student, with emphasis on commitment and performance quality. Students enrolled in the Pre‑Professional Division are expected to take all classes offered at their level. Progress in these classes depends upon regular and consistent participation. At these levels, regular attendance is crucial in order to develop and maintain the required strength and skills to safeguard against injury as the technique becomes increasingly more difficult. Absences will affect a student’s progress and their ability to be promoted with other students at their level.At these levels cross training is important and the Modern III class and Partnering (level E only) are also part of the weekly class requirement.

Company Class: Once a student begins demonstrating their mastery of Level E classes, the student may be invited to participate in some or all of the daily company technique classes.

Modern III:  Essential for serious ballet students, Modern dance technique helps dancers find their own quality of movement and core movement initiation with an emphasis on anatomical alignment and kinetic awareness of contemporary movement as well as assisting in the student’s expression through movement.

Stretch & Strength:  Taught and designed by Alex Ossadnik this class provides a low impact full body workout that strengthens and stretches all major muscle groups to help us stay in shape during this stay at home order. For ages 10 all the way up through adults.

Ballet Mat:  Taught and designed by Stephen Legate this class was originally intended for injured dancers but is used by anyone looking to build core strength in and artistic environment. It consists of ballet exercises adapted for non-weight bearing and is combined with Yoga and PT for a hybrid workout that will keep you fit when injured and help reach greater levels of strength. For levels CI through Adults.

August 2021 Online Class Schedule (August is a pared down schedule to allow evenings off for us to work at the studio and get ready for our Fabulous Grand Re-Opening)

Level D/E/Co
Pointe No August classes, these will resume in Sept  
Modern III   No August classes, these will resume in Sept  
Supplimental classes:      
Stretch & Strength   Thursday  11:00-11:45am  
Ballet Mat 
BRT reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have five or more paying students.

BRT Home Studio Recommendations

Please make sure your Zoom username is your real name (student or parent) and not a generic name i.e. “iPad 2”. This is for attendance and security purposes.

Attend class in an area that has enough open space to move around in. We recommend at least 6’ x 8’ and make sure there is nothing breakable nearby. 

We recommend you place your device at a proper height for your instructors to see your full body. If your instructor cannot see your full body, they cannot correct you appropriately and you will not be able to progress as quickly in your classes. Before your Zoom class, check the position and angle of your device to insure it is in the best place possible. Your device should be in landscape mode (sideways). 

When possible, we also recommend Screen Sharing your device to a TV, so dancers have a larger image to look at. 

Internet Speed 
Run an internet speed test in the room you plan to use as your at-home studio. You can do this HERE. If speeds are slow, Zoom will freeze, and dancers may have difficulty fully participating in class. Wifi extenders can be purchased to help remedy this issue.  

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