Children's Division, Junior Division, and Pre-Professional Division

What one wears to dance is about the art of ballet, not a personal statement

  • Leotard, color and brand specific to each level (see below)
  • Pink footed tights
  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Hair pulled back in bun (or neatly off the face if too short)
  • For Levels D & E deshanked pointe shoes
Motionwear is no longer making leotards so we have had to change all our uniforms, except for the Pre-Ballet level. The leotards we are now using a leotard made by So Danca. The style will now be the same for all levels A through E but we tried to keep the color the same as it has been. 
Pre-Ballet  Eurotard 1089 White
Level A  SoDanca SL11 Light Pink
Level B  SoDanca SL11/10 Black
Level C  SoDanca SL10 Oxford Blue
Level D  SoDanca SL10 Hunter
Level E  SoDanca SL10 Dark Purple

  • White capsleeve leotard or white form fitting t-shirt tucked in
  • Black leggings or tights
  • White socks
  • Black ballet slippers
  • Dance trunks should be worn for the younger boys and for gentlemen over the age of 12 dance belts must be worn with leggings or tights.
  • Solid color leotard
  • Black leggins
  • Hair pulled back in bun (or neatly off the face if too short)
  • Bare foot
  • Solid color form fitting t-shirt
  • Black leggings or jazz pants
  • Bare foot
  • Dance belts must be worn with leggings or jazz pants.

  • Students should put their name in their dance clothes and shoes.
  • Do not wear jewelry, warm-up garments, skirts, plastic pants, or T-shirts.
  • Students need to wear street clothes over dance attire when arriving or leaving the studio.
  • Do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio (this includes our parking lot).
  • As a courtesy to BRT students and instructors, for levels B through E, please use deodorant. 

Adult Open Division

  • Our instructors need to see student’s body lines in order to make corrections and ensure that everyone is dancing safely.  Leotards, tights, and skirts are suggested, but are not mandatory.  Tighter-fitting yoga clothes are also options.  Gentlemen, dance belts must be worn.
  • Proper flat ballet slippers must be worn in the Adult Ballet Classes.  
  • As a courtesy to BRT students and instructors, please use deodorant.

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