Summer 2022 Junior & Pre-Professional Division Classes

May 31st – August 1st (no classes June 28 - July 4th)

We know everyone’s schedule changes during the summer months, so here is our list of classes for June and July. 

FALL CLASS PLACEMENT: July 12th. Call (505)888-1054 or email brt@brtnm.com for more information.

Junior Division classes are appropriate for students ages 10+ who have exhibited the technique and maturity to commit to the time and consistency of practice to build the skills for a strong technical foundation. A placement class is required for enrollment in all Junior Division classes.  

Pre-Professional Division ballet classes are appropriate for students with a significant ballet training background.  A placement class is required for enrollment in all Pre-Professional Division classes. 

Children Division classes are recommended for students ages 10-14 with little or no prior ballet experience. Students ages 14 and up who are new to ballet are encouraged to begin their dance training in the BRT Academy Adult Open Division. 

Level CI Required three classes/wk:  This level is considered a pre-pointe class and provides an important core understanding of using the classical vocabulary to properly execute fundamental steps used in ballet. This creates a solid platform for the students to be ready to advance into pointe work; more advanced steps, and be prepared for the demands of the Pre-Professional Division. At this level cross training is important and the Modern I class is also part of the weekly class requirement.

Level CII Required four classes/wk:  This level is considered a beginning pointe class. Whether in soft shoes or pointe shoes, every student will learn and execute the same basic pointe exercises that will carry them through the rest of their dancing years. Students are individually monitored, during which time the teacher will determine a student’s readiness for pointe shoes. When a student is ready for pointe shoes, their teacher will arrange to meet with the dancer and their parents at a dancewear store to ensure she receives the right style and size of shoes. At this level cross training is important and the Modern II class is also part of the weekly class requirement.

Modern I & II: Essential for serious ballet students, Modern dance technique helps dancers find their own quality of movement and core movement initiation with an emphasis on anatomical alignment and kinetic awareness of contemporary movement as well as assisting in the student’s expression through movement. 

Levels D & E:
  Required five classes/wk Ballet Theatre’s Pre-Professional Division focuses on the serious ballet student, with emphasis on commitment and performance quality. Students enrolled in the Pre-Professional Division are expected to take all classes offered at their level. Progress in these classes depends upon regular and consistent participation. At these levels, regular attendance is crucial in order to develop and maintain the required strength and skills to safeguard against injury as the technique becomes increasingly more difficult. Absences will affect a student’s progress and their ability to be promoted with other students at their level.

Company Class:  Once a student begins demonstrating their mastery of Level E classes, the student may be invited to participate in some or all of the daily company technique classes.

Pointe Shoes:  To be considered for pointe shoes, students must be at least 11 years old, their growth plates in their feet fully fused, have had a minimum of 3 full years of classical ballet training, and currently be taking (at least) three classes a week. Proper strength and technical ability are required. Feet must be correctly placed in pointe shoes and aligned with the ankles and knees to avoid injury.

Stretch & Strength:  Taught and designed by Alex Ossadnik, this class provides a low impact full body workout that strengthens and stretches all major muscle groups. For levels CI through Adults.

Ballet Mat:  Taught by Michelle Davis, this class was originally intended for injured dancers but is used by anyone looking to build core strength in an artistic environment. It consists of ballet exercises adapted for non-weight bearing and is combined with Yoga and PT for a hybrid workout that will keep you fit when injured and help reach greater levels of strength. For levels CI through Adults.
Schedule of Classes
Level CI Tuesday & Thursday 4:15-5:30pm 
Level CII
Tuesday &
4:15-5:30pm &
Level CII/D
Level D/E/Company
Tuesday & Thursday
  Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm
Level E/Company
Modern I (level CI)  Tuesday 5:45-6:45pm
Modern II/III (levels CII, D, E) Wednesday 5:50-6:50pm

Stretch & Strength online only Thursday  11:00-11:45am  
Ballet Mat online only Saturday   10:00-10:45am 

BRT reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have 5 or more students.


In addition to regular classes, enhance your training with

Ballet Repertory Theatre's

June 24 – July 1, 2022
Master teachers will inspire and challenge you with classes in ballet technique, pointe and pre-pointe, variations, character, and Stretch and Strength. BRT’s intensive workshop is for dedicated intermediate and advanced ballet students (ages 10 and older) and professional dancers.


Ballet Repertory Theatre's 
Modern Intensive

July 11-15
A week with Corey Nagel! 5 days 5 hours each day! Classes include conditioning, modern technique, improvisation, and "Corey"ography. For experienced modern students (equivalent to BRT's levels CI, CII, D, E, and professional). 

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