Special Events

Throughout the year, Ballet Repertory Theatre hosts an array of fundraisers and special events that benefit the company, its affiliated Academy, as well as its education and Outreach programs. These dynamic events further the company’s mission as they aim to raise awareness, bring in additional funds and create a more fruitful and dynamic ballet community.


It is that time of year again and many of the companies around Albuquerque are beginning their annual United Way Pledge Drives. Through the majority of donation programs from the United Way of North Central New Mexico and most of your employers, you can take part in this campaign and donate directly to Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico – through the United Way.

This direct donation to BRT, through United Way, is accomplished under a program known as “Directed Donation”. On your pledge form after you select amount, frequency, and donation method, you can designate a specific 501(c)3 to receive some of the funds.

Select "Directed Donation" and simply write in our information:

Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico, 6913 Natalie NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110. (505) 888-1054. Tax ID: 85-0378385.

Yes, it is that easy! 10% goes to UWCNM and 90% of the donation comes to BRT in your name.

United Way of North Central New Mexico https://uwncnm.org/

Some company programs may have changed and are now requiring people to actively re-enroll and re-designated their contributions.


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